Cicero's Gardens Maintenance Services

  • Insect and Disease Control

  • Proper spray tactics will help keep your yard beautiful for years to come.  Let our licensed applicators diagnose the insect or disease problem and take charge now.

  • Fertilization of Trees, Shrubs, and Lawns

  • Fertilizing bedding plants, trees, and lawns can keep your yard healthy and blooming year round.  A good fertilization schedule also helps to combat diseases and pests that can thrive on weak plants.

  • Pruning

  • Pruning of bedding plants and bushes is specific to their variety.  From Azaleas to Rose bushes , different pruning techniques are essential to achieve perfect blooms each year.

  • Mulching

  • Not only does fresh mulch finish the look of any garden, it also has many beneficial factors to consider.  Refreshing mulch regularly controls weed growth, moderates soil moisture and temperature fluctuations, improves soil fertility, and helps to reduce pest and disease damage. 

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