Cicero's Gardens Design and Install Services

Planting of Annuals  and Bulbs

Planting annual flowers and bulbs at different times of the year can keep your garden always looking its best.

Sod Installation

Proper installation of fresh sod can make any yard look great. We can help you by choosing the appropriate grass sod that will thrive and last the longest for every unique condition.



Not only does fresh mulch finish the look of any garden, it also has many beneficial factors to consider.  Refreshing mulch regularly controls weed growth, moderates soil moisture and temperature fluctuations, improves soil fertility, and helps to reduce pest and disease damage. 



Maintaining a constant watering routine is key to getting the most out of your investment.  This can only be achieved by an automatic irrigation system.  Cicero’s Gardens can facilitate this by designing and installing an irrigation system as unique as the garden itself.

Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting

Using outdoor lighting can enhance your beautiful gardens and also provide a certain level of security.  We use only the best outdoor lighting products to give you years of enjoyment

Outdoor Audio / Video

Adding outdoor speakers and video solutions can give your backyard that “resort feel” without ever leaving your home.  Sit back and enjoy your outdoor oasis by listening to your favorite music or even watching the game.  Contact us to speak to one of our outdoor Audio / Video Integrators today! PlanterSpeakers

Featuring PlanterSpeakers

PlanterSpeakers are designed for  outdoor use, offering a very unique alternative to regular  box speakers or artificial looking speaker rocks. With top notch construction, weatherproof materials and the highest quality speakers,  they provide the listener with rich warm sound that is second to none.
They integrate beautifully into their surroundings and also serve as a focal point in any design scheme or decor.  Speakers may be used with your choice of live plants! Visit PlanterSpeakers online for more information.

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